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kr 7500


Professional Router Table Euro 230V

Floor or bench standing with removable
legs and adjustment for uneven floors.
Extruded 8mm thick aluminium alloy table top
with minimal loss of cutter depth.
Cutter aperture of 90mm allows use of the largest
router cutters available.
Cast back fence with extruded adjustable
alloy cheeks and ‘T’ slots.
Made to EN standards, with back fence
accuracy of 0.5 degree & table flatness of 0.5mm.
With a suitable size and weight enabling
easy re-positioning around the workshop & transportation
for on-site use.
Router, fine height adjuster and spelch block
not included.
Removable centre plate of table will need
to be re-drilled for other makes and models of
medium & heavy duty routers.
Router not included.

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